A definitive mish-mash.

I have another blog now, for my design/illustration work. This used to be a place just for writing. I wrote here for two reasons: 1.) me  2.) someone else. I wrote this blog during a very weird time during which I was going on a journey of sorts. A journey I wanted someone else to read about, so that they could get to know me along the way. And to be completely honest, I may have been trying to seduce them with my intellect. (hahaha)

Anyways, in retrospect, it was all very dramatic, and sometimes cringe-worthy. It’s a little embarrassing to have been so self-focused as to have devoted an entire blog to my unimportant musings. 

But it’s good though, to have worked through some of that here. And I think it would be good to continue. Honestly, parts of me are still pretty dramatic and cringe-worthy. I still have bad habits. Defense mechanisms. Awkward reflexes that I don’t quite understand.

And now, I’m busy. And since that certain someone that this blog may or may not have been for now lives with me, I can share my thoughts with him over breakfast…..or lunch…..or dinner….or anytime for that matter. And I no longer have school to ask me to really think about things and write them down in a well-though out paper. So who is asking me to think? And in a busy day-to-day life, should reflection be a priority?

I think that it should not be a “priority”, but I’d like to have it on the list.

I think I could handle this.


The only thing I’ve found truly difficult about this new, albeit temporary, schedule is that It’s very hard to do things like deposit a check. Or get a haircut. Apparently no banks, nor hair-trimmers, are available before 9am or after 8pm. The other shitty aspect is that it’s hard to see my significant other.

However, all in all, I’ve actually found it to be alright. How? By finding tiny moments. The hour of netflix + glass of wine in the evening. 1.5 hours of late-night yoga. Getting to work a little early, and buying a cup of coffee. Getting doughnuts for co-workers on a saturday morning because you thought you were in at 8 when you were really in at 9. Nice conversations with boyfriends who remind you that things might not get easier, but they’ll surely get less lonely.

So it’s the little things make the life of a bachelorette living at home & working 4-ish jobs manageable. That, and being hopeful that i’m moving towards something better. Believing that with passion and hard work I can shape my future into something that I’m proud of. 

But for now i’m tired. I’ve had my glass of wine without the netflix and still need to revise business cards. Good night.

Sometimes your life can change in a heartbeat:

This morning I wandered into the kitchen at around 7:30 am to make a cup of tea. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table, tying her shoes as she got ready to drive out to my grandmothers house in San Bernardino. 

Shannon, Noah Blanton was in an accident. He was going through an intersection on his motorcycle and was hit by a semi that ran a red light. He’s lost a foot and the left side of his body was crushed. I have to find out how he’s doing, but we’ll probably go visit him next week if it’s possible.

It took a minute for this to set in. To be honest, I had to search my brain for a face to put with the name. Then I remembered. Noah lived down the street from us in Placentia. He and my brother grew up together. Our parents were friends, and I think co-workers at one time. I remember him at my brother’s birthday parties. I remember going to his house when they moved. I remember riding to the beach with him in the backseat of our volvo, the three of us playing who-could-keep-your-hand-on-the-black-pleather-longer. He and my brother grew apart over the years, but I remember him being a genuinely nice kid. And over the years, I remember hearing that he’d turned into a genuinely nice adult.

I’m sure that everyday people’s lives change instantaneously for the better. But when they take a turn so quickly for the worse, it makes me think. And it makes me sad.

Conversely, sometimes, life can change slowly.

For the past three years, I’ve been ready for life to change, and now I can finally see that momentum is picking up. This morning, I sent in an email to the After School Enrichment Program to let them know that while I am willing to finish out my two schools in January, I’d be leaving the company towards the end of the month. Tomorrow I’ll be dropping off an availability at the city of Yorba Linda stating that i’ll only be available to work Saturdays, and Sundays. These steps may seem tiny, but they are steady steps forward. Steps that will take me away from orange county, and towards a life where I can share a home, a business, and a life with my other half.

So, I’m not really sure how to wrap this up. It’s been a long time since I wrote, and i’ve gotten a little rusty. I guess all I can say is that this is just what life is; it’s important to constantly push forward and make change, but also to slow down from time to time and appreciate what you have right-here, right-now. 

Just flipped my way through the GOOD 100 like some twacked out kid bombing their way through a much-awaited video game.

Here are a few of my favorite predictions for the New Year from their article entitled: What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

  1. Doing is the new talking-this is the year we shut up & get busy.
  2. Sharing is the new Owning-because of the recession. and the internet.
  3. Demonstration is the new Democracy-across the globe, we’re in the streets & demanding better
  4. Experiences are the new Goods- people want to do & feel, not have & own
  5. Hacktivism is the new Protest Theater
  6. Glitterbombing is the new Yarnbombing-holds up in the rain
  7. Supperclub is the new Restaurant-a moveable, communal feast
  8. "With" is the new "For" from design to social justice, the future is collaboration
  9. Redistribution is the new Innovation - we need to fix the foundations of our economy before we can grow it.
  10. Occupy WallStreet is the new Unpaid Internship -taking a stand is a better investment in your future than fetching coffee
  11. CraftBooze is the new CraftBeer -where bourgie meets blackout
  12. Breakfast Burrito is the new Brunch-everything you need to start your sunday, without the wait list
  13. Social Impact is the new Eco-Friendly -Mere recycling doesn’t impress us
  14. Credit Union is the new Big Bank -PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR POLITICS ARE
  15. Home Bar is the new Speakeasy -the most exclusive drinking experience is also the cheapest
  16. Freelance is the new 9-to-5 -Think pajamas, not business casual


The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.
- Anon. (via rcalderoncota)

Mock Up: Western
For my internship we’re working with a wedding photography site that does seriously beautiful work [check it out:]. Anyways, moral of the story is: I forgot how satisfying it is to find the right type for the right photograph. 

Mock Up: Western

For my internship we’re working with a wedding photography site that does seriously beautiful work [check it out:]. Anyways, moral of the story is: I forgot how satisfying it is to find the right type for the right photograph. 

of course it’s this cute.

of course it’s this cute.


I’m really fascinated with the Occupy Movement. I love it’s energy. I love it’s ferocity. I love it’s tenacity. In fact, I’d love to drop everything, hop in/on a plane/train/automobile, and head up to Oakland to join the Occupation. However, something still troubles me about this movement. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important. It’s causing everyone, from the tea-partying politician, to the every-day apathetic citizen, to sit up and take notice.

That’s a lot of angry people….I should probably google this shit….

So where does my doubt come from? It’s something I’ve been ruminating on [hahaha] since the occupy movement first appeared on my activist radar. However, I couldn’t pin it down in concrete terms. Until today, that is. 

This morning I read an article on GOOD’s website and a single phrase stood out: 

Sure, get angry at the fat cats, but demanding change from the top is not enough. Identify the public’s power and leverage it.

Yep. That’s it. I mean, yes, I want to see change from the top. I’m glad there’s an angry voice there making CEO’s shift anxiously in their seats. It’s good, it’s important, it’s necessary. But the larger movement needs to co-exist along side a smaller one; one whose focus is local business, local food, local credit-unions, local government, local schools, local everything. It’s important to attack this problem from both ends, something I feel is overshadowed by the drama of the Occupy movement.

Anyways, there’s potential for change from the Top Down and for change from the Bottom Up, and both Occupy equal importance in my mind.